MLT Ranch

Located in beautiful central Oregon, the MLT
Ranch specializes in training quality cow horse
and cutting horse prospects.


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Performance Horse

buying a horse from MLT Ranch

Please view our horse pages for the current MLT Ranch offerings. If interested in a particular horse(s), please use the individual horse or main contact form to get in touch with us. We will answer questions and field offers for any of our horses. Our staff is quite busy. Please allow a day or so for a response.

Featured Horses

BNL BlondsHashmorfun

Four-Year Old

Dals Sheza Diamond

Four-Year Old
Ranch Mare

Pretty Bird

Three-Year Old

What we look for

In a Horse


The horses MLT Ranch chooses for training are the product of high-performing sires and quality dams.


The structural correctness and balance of a horse is a powerful predictor of their athletic ability.


A kind eye can attest to the trainability and willingness of a horse to learn. They have to enjoy their job and be in tune with the rider.


Essential elements of a performance horse include their natural ability to stop, control a cow, as well as suppleness and responsiveness.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply confident, talented, and well-started performance horses to the ever-evolving performance horse industry. Cow horses and cutting horses are our main focus. We believe a solid foundation is key to a horse’s success in the show arena and in life, no matter where the road may take them.

Horse Tails

What is a reined cow horse?

California cowboys of the 18th century (Spanish vaqueros) are credited with developing the reined cow horse. These expertly trained horses worked the herds of cattle driven from Mexico and performed the day-to-day chores on vast cattle ranches. Among the finest horsemen ever, ….

History of reined cow horses

When Spanish missionaries were making their way into California in the 18th century, the vaqueros (cowboys) came with them. The Spanish Empire granted vast tracts of land to loyal subjects, which were the basis for the Californio ranches and lifestyle common until the mid-19th ….